2011 Zone 4 Results

Wolf River – 6/3-6/4

1Chad Richardson3 Rivers Bass1023.18
2Phil Richardson3 Rivers Bass1021.58
3Kent Rusnak3 Rivers Bass1021.24
4Brandon StevensCastle Rock918.81
5Fernando Lobato3 Rivers Bass1018.73
6Andrew PoisellTeam Interstate918.10
7Scott Alo3 Rivers Bass817.31
8Chad MadsonTeam Interstate817.14
9Tom TischerLa Crosse916.58
10Max Mueller3 Rivers Bass714.66
Dave FieldsCastle Rock714.66
12Tuan ButeLa Crosse714.51
13Jesse Kasara3 Rivers Bass714.30
14Mike Johnson3 Rivers Bass611.12
15David WalliCastle Rock510.98
16Harley NicksTeam Interstate410.28
17Randy WillemsCranberry Country48.03
18Don BieniekBlack River36.86
19Nathan GraewinCranberry Country36.21
20Pete FollansbeeLa Crosse35.77
21Luke PerrigoTeam Interstate35.26
22William SmithCranberry Country24.69
23Shane Schultz3 Rivers Bass24.05
24Jake WillemsCranberry Country23.86
25Ray LoendorfCranberry Country23.85
26Cay JoholskiLa Crosse23.33
27Ron Anderson3 Rivers Bass12.74
28Jim MillerBlack River11.76

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