2013 Zone 3 Results

1Brian SaariMadison Bass1034.56
2Larry HildebrandtMadison Bass1027.98
3Brian PostLake Ripley Lunkers1027.47
4Dan EhmenNorthern Illinois Bass1026.88
5Deven EtnyreRockford Hawg Hunters1023.77
6Mike Frazer4 Lakes Bassmasters1023.57
7Brady FarrellBayview Bassmasters1023.56
8Doug BlankLake Ripley Lunkers1022.80
9Mitch VanertC & R Bass Anglers1022.60
10Dave LorierLake Ripley Lunkers1022.38
11Zach Mc CartneyNorthern Illinois Bass1022.22
12Dave VanertC & R Bass Anglers1021.97
13Jim SchulenburgRockford Hawg Hunters721.74
14Dru AppelhansRockford Hawg Hunters1021.56
15QD Olsen4 Lakes Bassmasters1021.40
16Tom HaynesC & R Bass Anglers1021.25
17Vue ThaoMadison Bass1021.23
18Adam EiseleLake Ripley Lunkers1021.18
19Tim TheobaldMadison Bass1020.88
20Josh GarberStatewide Bass1020.75
21Al MecikalskiStatewide Bass1020.70
22Mike PuterbaughRiver Country1019.94
23Lynn TracyAnglers Edge1019.53
24Greg GrauvoglMadison Bass1019.13
25Steven SellnowC & R Bass Anglers1018.53
26Dan SellnowC & R Bass Anglers918.42
27Joe KelterLake Ripley Lunkers918.07
28Denny CarrollRodbenders917.96
29Rollie TruehlNorthern Illinois Bass817.35
30Robert VavrickRockford Hawg Hunters917.09
31Shane Holden4 Lakes Bassmasters816.88
32Michael LevansRockford Hawg Hunters816.70
33Mike GiardiniRockford Hawg Hunters916.65
34Ted CloydStateline714.93
35Robert Mc DanielRockford Hawg Hunters614.06
36Brennan SellnowStatewide Bass713.91
37Jeremy LundLake Ripley Lunkers713.36
38Mark BranthaverRockford Hawg Hunters713.27
39Joe McMinnRockford Hawg Hunters713.25
40Scott RemfreeNorthern Illinois Bass713.12
41Ed AndersAnglers Edge713.10
42Jason MecikalskiStatewide Bass712.70
43Mike GantzNorthern Illinois Bass712.16
44Joe SlosarczykC & R Bass Anglers611.91
45Jesse DomerC & R Bass Anglers511.46
46Mike CroppLake Ripley Lunkers611.40
47Dave Tompkins4 Lakes Bassmasters511.19
48Jim DickRodbenders610.95
49Jayson ShullAnglers Edge510.54
50Brent CraneRockford Hawg Hunters59.96
51Mike EvensonLake Ripley Lunkers59.10
52Jon KelterLake Ripley Lunkers46.64
53Russell OlsonBeaver Dam Bass46.60
54Lee HuffmanAnglers Edge36.45
55Chuck RolfsmeyerBayview Bassmasters35.84
56Jeremy Eckes4 Lakes Bassmasters34.95
57Boyd SmallRockford Hawg Hunters24.17
58Pat Anderson4 Lakes Bassmasters23.93
59Dave BolesRodbenders00.00
Bill CastilloMadison Bass00.00

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